Monday, March 22, 2010

My pregnancy: Week 6 - Week 25

Week 25: March 15th-21st

Week 24: March 8th-14th

Week 23: March 1st-7th

Week 22: February 22nd-28th

Week 21: February 15th-21st

Week 20: February 8th-14th

Week 19: 1st-7th

Week 18: January 25th-31st

Week 15: January 4th-10th

Week 8: November 16th-22nd

Week 6: November 2nd-8th

It's a....GIRL!

We found out we were having a precious little girl on January 20, 2010.

Our little girl weighed 7 ounces! We bet she was relieved that we were finally told she was a girl, we had been calling her a boy all along! She sure did surprise us!
When we found out our baby was a girl, we decided to name her Kyleigh Marie. I picked out the first name "Kyleigh", I have always loved that name! Her middle name comes from my aunt whose name was Tina Marie. She was a very special lady and she would have loved to meet little miss Kyleigh. We miss her very much, but we know she is always with us in spirit!
Kyleigh is due on June 28, 2010. TJ was born in June also, on the 6th. I hope Kyleigh waits it out and comes on the fourth of July. I was born on St. Patrick's Day and I would love for Kyleigh to be born on a holiday also!

From: Kyleigh Marie

After I kicked her hard enough to get my point across, mommy FINALLY decided to start a blog! I am excited that mommy, daddy, and me get to share all there is to know about our family! Mommy says that she will update weekly, so be sure to visit often!