Thursday, April 29, 2010

I shaved my legs for THIS?!?!!

I have apparently learned the hard way that when you are 8 months pregnant and can't see your feet, it is probably best to shave while taking a bath, not a shower. And another good thing to remember is that a shower curtain will NOT catch you when you fall! On April 27th, I fell out of the shower while shaving and landed directly on my belly on the edge of the tub! OUCH! It actually didn't hurt that bad and I felt fine, but I called my docotor JUST to make sure! Well, she wanted me to come in so we could make sure Miss Kyleigh was doing alright. After being hooked up to the fetal monitor for about and hour and a half, Kyleigh's heartbeat was fast and strong and she was still moving like crazy BUT I was having mild contractions! And when you are only 31 weeks pregnant, that is NOT something you wanna hear! Dr. Hensarling believed the contractions were brought on by stress and said alot of water, tylenol, and rest would calm them down. So, I was placed on bed rest for 48 hours! I am just thankful that I am ok and most importantly Kyleigh is doing just fine and is still healthy as ever!

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